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Fever is a change in body temperature regulation mechanism that resulted in increased body temperature above nonnal temperatures. Meanwhile, the pain is a subjective sensory and emotional obstained unpleasant associated with actual and potential tissue damage or described the condition of the damage. Rambutan fruit leather is one of the traditional medicine that has efficacy as an antipyretic, and diarrhea but rarely used by the public. The problem becomes a reason to do a study entitled "The influence of Infusa Rambutan Fruit Leather (Nephelii lappacei Pericurpium) As antipyretic At White Mice (Mus musculus) Male DDY Strain".

This research is purely experimental research using random design. The used test animals were 25 male mice, aged 2-3 months and weight 25-35 g. Test animals are divided into 5 groups, each group consisted of 5 mice, all are induced by pirogenik substances that is 0.5 ml DTP-HB vaccine subcutaneous to cause fever, giving the infusa rambutan fruit leather per oral (p.o). While the test animals for testing analgesics were divided into 5 groups, each group consisted of 5 mice, all inducted with sterile 1% acetic acid. Group I, II, and III were each given infusa rambutan fruit leather with a dose of 1.6659 g/kg, 2.4988 g/kg, 3.3318 g/kg. Group IV was given aquadestilata (negative control), and group V were given suspensions of paracetamol at a dose of 0.0832 g/kg (positive control). Mice is first measured the initial temperature prior to treat with DTP-HB vaccine (fever inductor) 0.5 ml subcutaneous. Temperature measurements made after 120 minutes, measured every 15 minutes during 120 minutes with an infrared thermometer. While the analgesic test, mice were first given the infusion of rambutan fruit leather, then after 5 minutes was induced with sterile 1% acetic acid.

The data obtained were analyzed with statistical tests one way anava and then post-test anava (scheffe test) with 95% significant level.

Infusa rambutan fruit leather (Nephelii lappacei Pericarpium) affect the decrease in body temperature of white mice (Mus musculus) male DDY strain which had induced by DTP-HB vaccines. Effective dose infusa rambutan fruit leather (Nephelii lappacei Pericarpium) to decrease the body temperature of mice is 2,4988 g/kgBB. Meanwhile, the effective dose infusa rambutan fruit skin (Nephelii lappacei Pericarpium) for inhibitory activity of pain (analgesic) mice is 3.3318 g/ kg and provide analgesic activity of 91.17% ±10.09 inhibition of pain.

Keywords: analgesic, antipyretic, infusa, rambutan fruit leather

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